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Bookkeeping is not the most exciting task; and yet, the most successful businesses “know their numbers.” Accurate numbers are a key ingredient in making informed business decisions.

Instead of leaving this critical task to someone in-house who is not trained, we can provide you with an experienced and trained bookkeeper. Depending on your needs and budget, we can send one of our bookkeepers to your office, or we can outsource the work. Whatever works best for you!

It could become very costly and inefficient to have your company’s CPA clean-up the books and records at year-end, during the rush of tax season. Our outsourced bookkeepers help you set up basic processes and procedures, automate downloads from your bank and credit card companies, and implement systems that will enable you to access useful information all year long. We can cost effectively get and keep your chart of accounts in order, reconcile your bank statements, timely invoice and accurately represent payables, and be sure that your internal financial statements match your tax returns.


Once your company’s bookkeeping is in order, your company’s growth might require the advanced expertise of a controller. Incorporating a senior role on a part-time basis can give your company the ease of knowing that GAAP financial statements are prepared accurately and timely, that information flows properly to your CPA firm, and that policies can be implemented to support more complex accounting and finances.

A controller can help your company better manage, interpret, and forecast business performance. If your company’s operating strategy is clearly defined, then a controller can ensure proper procedures are in place for accurate budget versus actual reporting, tracking sales teams results, or projecting cash flow to handle seasonality trends, a drop-off in business, or an investment into new growth areas.

You’ll earn, we’ll account!

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